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Drilling Basics: Geology and Groundwater is a Course

Drilling Basics: Geology and Groundwater


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Full course description

This course focuses on the basics of Geology and Groundwater.

The Geology Basics section is a fundamental overview of the different types of rocks and subsurface

structures a driller may encounter. The first subsection addresses rock formation, as well as big-picture

geological processes that shape subsurface structures. By emphasizing sedimentary characteristics and

soils, the curriculum centers around porous media to which groundwater typically resides. The section

finishes out by covering the different components of subsurface structures, emphasizing key

terminology and phrases often shared among the drilling profession.

The Groundwater Basics section introduces the movement of groundwater and barriers to flow. The hydrogeology introduction explains the pathways from precipitation to groundwater and how water moves through natural cycles and porous media. The groundwater flow subsection describes the many characteristics of aquifers and how groundwater flow is calculated. This is followed by full explanations of the different types of pumping tests. This section ends by discussing the different issues associated with well flow by describing potential drinking water contaminants and aspects of well clogging.